Hello Friends!

by drsh9182 on August 6, 2012

AS some of you  know, July 5, 2013 I was diagnosed with brain tumors and from that day on, my life has dramatically changed! Nevertheless, almost from the get-go I was exited to see what the second 1/2 of my life would hold.

I’ve always said that I ever got cancer that I would want to go deep within and see what it has to say to me. And that’s what I am doing.  Each week lately during my Sunday teaching sessions I have been calling them: The Brain Tumor Chronicles and talking about what  Spirit Within is guiding me to see each week through my current experiences.   Deeper into Spiritual practice has finally led me to deeper understandings in regard to the ego and True Self.

My audios and Course note blog go into these ideas.

Recently I said to my husband: I Am Living my Fantasy Life!  We had gone for a walk with the dogs and I had completed a computer task I had wanted to do, and I embraced that I get do exactly what I want every day now.  Basically I am sort of ‘retired’ now, something I never thought would occur because I had no plans financially for it really.  Amazing how the universe works!  It’s so fantastic!

After that I had to spend a lot of time on the phone cleaning up credit issues after my time on the hospital incurring all sort of late fees.  Then I found out that my website had been deleted!  While I haggled with them over the phone about it, suddenly…I received loud & clear guidance;
Sheryl, let it go.  That’s the past. You have a new life now!
This afternoon as I told my husband about it, he reminded me that about a year or two ago, for fun, he had made me a new word press site, but never did anything with it.  The most uncanny thing about it though is that he made it on his own with not much input from me at the time, and it totally reflects where my life is leading now!!!!   It focus is more on my speaking/writing/counseling side which is what I am moving into doing more of now.

All Because of a brain tumor I am LIVING my Best Life Now!  Can anyone say: WOW????!



~ I embrace and appreciate every situation, condition and relationship in my life, and release it all to be used for the purpose of waking up from dreams ~

Holy Spirit – True Self,
You have led me to this deeper inner work.
I am committed to it.
I trust You to lead and guide me to understand and know
what You would have me understand and know
as You lead me home to the You that I am.
~ Thank You ~