Chiro Practice Update

October, 2013
Dear Valued patients and friends,
On July 5, 2013 I was diagnosed with brain tumors and underwent brain surgery, and as you can imagine from that day on, my life has dramatically changed! Nevertheless, almost from the get-go I was excited to see what the second 1/2 of my life would hold.
I want to inform you that my long-time friend and Chiropractor, Dr. Denise Michele, will be taking over my practice. She is available to treat from my South Pasadena office and also another location in Glendale/Burbank. She is great! You can reach her at my regular office number: 626 441 4866
Essentially I am retired from practicing Chiropractic at the time. In the New Year I am inspired to move into doing Life Coaching and Intuitive Counseling, sharing with those interested how to navigate through this process of aging that forces us to either move forward and embrace the present, or suffer from what we feel we have lost.
I have been learning much about these forced life transitions now, and even though many of my friends/patients have been inspired by me over the years, now I have additional tools that have served to help me navigate through this current life transition. My purpose has been to learn as much as I can on an internal level through my own experience so that I can truly help
others move forward from an expansive place during times of crisis and loss that seem to be part of the aging process.

My updated mailing address is 1416 Bruce Ave., Glendale, CA 91202

My current contact cell/text number is: 626-224-4441.

Bill Valentine and Spectacles

As many of you know, my husband Bill has been providing quality eyewear and customer service for many years to my patients on Saturday mornings. He will continue to be available with locations in Glendale, to not only provide great customer service, but in addition he also has invented a great product for computer vision, and he will have access to many high end designer frames at great prices! His cell/text number is: 818-398-1760.

You can find out more info about what Bill is up to by clicking here: website:

SAVE THIS DATE: SATURDAY Morning, NOVEMBER 9, 9:00 to 1;00 pm.

Denise and I are holding an open house in and around my office on the third floor. I guess it will be a sort of “hello and good-bye” party since I am basically retired from chiropractic practice now.

I Would love to have you drop by for a big hug and to introduce you to Denise.
Much love to you,
Sheryl Valentine

Here is a pic of Denise and the front desk:


here’s a pic of the beautiful view!