“Oh My God, It’s Me!”

Themes include:


- Heal Relationships with People Who Drive You Nuts!
- Gain Power from A New Perception
- Experience Practical Spirituality for Life’s Challenges
- Discover that You Do Not Walk Alone
- Move Forward to Become Pregnant with the Possibility that Something New Can   be Born Within You

In this book you will find practical solutions for many of life’s challenges – as it points to the true Source of healing. Whether struggling through conflicts with relationships, money, career, or self-worth, you will find inspiration and real help in the pages of “Oh My God, It’s Me!”

Dr. Sheryl Valentine has worked as a Doctor of Chiropractic and business owner since 1983, working in Southern California.  She is a dynamic and charismatic speaker – lecturing on spiritual principles since 1993. She has extensively studied spirituality for over twenty years – and has brought her knowledge into treating and counseling patients since 1985 on the mind/body/Spirit Connection.  Many of her patients view as their chiropractor and therapist.

The book is now available through Amazon Kindle. It is out-of-stock currently in the Amazon paperback section, but can be purchased through my office. Please contact me if you would like a paperback version for $10.00 plus shipping. Enjoy! 

Reviews only found under paperback edition:

This book was originally published by a Canadian publisher in 2006.
It sold out in hard copy and the publisher has since retired which
is why it is basically available on Kindle.